Our Mission

Sunergy is a Zimbabwe-based alternative energy business that provides its customers with affordable and effective options to conventional power. The intention is to improve people’s lives at home and at work. Sunergy works in partnership with a number of international suppliers to offer the best in solar technology options and is the official Zimbabwean distributor of the Solar Works range of solar lights. Sunergy fulfils its mandate through its three main arms:

»  Sunergy Supplies
»  The Solar Academy (in partnership with The Maxx Solar Academy)
»  SolCon (Solar Consultants)

Sunergy’s passion for the potential positive impact of alternative energy for the individual and community as a whole has led us to seek out solutions that are not temporary but have the potential to offer the greatest benefits to our customers.

Our business is driven by the determination to train individuals and organizations to maximize their potential in implementing alternative energy solutions. We believe in the ability of alternative energy to change the way we work, live and even play. This is achieved through offering professional service, quality products and expert, dependable advice on the correct installation, operation, use and maintenance of our products. We have developed a business where people can make the best decisions and obtain best value for th

Our Values

  • Teamwork »
    Our partners and customers are an integral part of our team.

  • Transparency »
    We ensure that all rules, regulations and policies are respected and applied. We ensure that we will never mislead any of our stakeholders for any reason.

  • Respect »
    We actively encourage participation and involvement of all stakeholders and will always seek out and value the opinions of others.

  • Empowerment »
    We will always ensure that our business is structured to train individuals or organizations to maximize their potential in implementing alternative energy solutions.

  • Creativity »
    Our ties to our international partners who are leaders in alternative energy solutions gives us confidence to recommend and offer their products to the local and regional market.

  • Excellence »
    Our products are only sourced from reputable international suppliers. We will always ensure that we maintain a high standard of professionalism in everything we do. We benchmark our standards to the best business practices of our suppliers and will always strive to be one of the leaders in our field.


26 Cambridge Road, Avondale,


Telephone: (+263) (4) 333213
307594, 336587
Mobile: (+263) 772 400 655
Facebook: SunergyZimbabwe